Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah Tour

Day 1-Tel Aviv

Arrival to Tel Aviv!

Here we convene and depart to Tel Aviv.


Day 2-Tel Aviv

After breakfast we will start touring. The old city of Jaffa will be our first site for today, HD tour at Jaffa including an hour in the flea market, after lunch (OYO) we will take a short walk to the first neighborhood in Tel-Aviv “Neve Tzedek”, After exploring Tel-Aviv we will go back to the hotel, and finish our day.







Day 3 Caesarea - Acre - Galilee

Today we will depart From Tel Aviv; we will drive throughout the coast to the archaeological ruins of Caesarea, built by Herod the Great in honor of Augustus Caesar. From Caesarea we will drive to Acre and visit there a crusaders fortress, our day will end in a observation point above the Hula vally.







Day 4-Galilee

From our hotel we will drive to Tzfat and meet Adam our Tzfat guide for a very spiritual tour. From there we will drive to the Jordan River and start our kayaking experience. It will be a real splash. Then our day will wind down with a night tour of the Hashomer museum.







Day 5-Golan Heights - Sea of Galilee

After breakfast we will drive to the Golan Heights, our first stop will be the Banyas nature reserve, after a short walk we will drive to Mt’ Ben-Tal and enjoy from a beautiful observation point. From there we will go to Oz 77(Yom Kippur war), we will be picked up to a JEEP ride. We will drive to the sea of Galilee and visit Kinneret cemetery. After dinner we will enjoy at the   spa in Tiberius.







Day 6- Jordan River – Jerusalem

Our day will start in a drive to Beit Shean  a small town with a lot of history, there we will Visit the antique restriction Roman City which was destroyed in an earthquake from there we will drive to the “Sachne” to take a dive in to the water. From there a 2 hours’ drive to Jerusalem, before we will check in our hotel we will prey “SHE IHYANO” in the sherober promenade. Check-in to hotel.




Day 7 Jerusalem - Old City & Bar Mitzvah ceremony

Today we are celebrating our Bar Mitzvah. After breakfast we will depart to the Western Wall also known as the Wailing Wall, the holiest place to Judaism, our Bar Mitzvah ceremony will start (you can invite family and friends from Israel and all around the world). At the conclusion of the ceremony you and your family will enjoy the local restaurant cuisine in celebration followed by a special walk in to the Western Walls' tunnels.

From there we will drive to the hotel where you will have the afternoon to leisure. 





Day 8 Jerusalem

Today we will talk about the State of Israel and the Holocaust, we will start our day at “Yad Vashem" – the Holocaust museum. After our visit we will walk to Mt. Hertzel where we will visit Theodore Hertzels' grave and also Yitzhak Rabin's grave. From there we will drive to “Mahane Yehuda” market. The afternoon drive following the gravesites will take is into the Negev desert to Kfar Nokdim, a Bedouin Tent site accompanied with Bedouin hospitality and all of it's splendor.



​Day 9 Masada & Dead Sea - Ein Gedi-Jerusalem

Early morning starts at 4:30!!! We will climb up to Masada as the morning sunrise greets us. Upon arrival we shall tour the plateaus' fortress. We will then descend on the snake path and drive just minutes away to Ein Gedi which holds the  Ein Gedi Nature reserve. From there we will drive to the Ein Gedi spa and beach. Later in the afternoon we will drive back to our hotel in Jerusalem for our last night in the Holy Land.





Day 10 Jerusalem

Departure is upon us, sadly. It's now time to drive West  to Ben Gurion Airport. It brings us great pleasure to give you this experience in Israel and we hope that we made this a most memorable one. And to all of you, have a safe flight.

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