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​Welcome to Israel

Nestled between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea lies a land rich in tradition, history, and lore for billions of people throughout the world. This land is known to many as the Holy Land because it is the birthplace of three of the world’s great monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Even more, it’s location at the nexus of Africa, Asia, and Europe has meant that many of the world’s great civilizations – Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Assyrian – amongst many others have each left their historic imprint in this land at the heart of the Middle East.

Teaming up with a variety of professional tour guides who speak a multitude of languages, Mr. Sunshine Tours will Provide tourism services for Synagogues, Churches, Mosques, and other historic and venerable sights.


With years of experience providing guided tours, I know the impact that this Land has both spiritually and emotionally and I would love to take you on this journey.


Come experience firsthand the people and cultures of Israel—and do so with the service, VIP experiences and unique local opportunities groups have come to expect from Sunshine Tours.


From the moment you meet your tour guides, it will be evident that you are about to embark on a vacation unlike any other. Your travel guide will make you feel right at home  You will enjoy a superior level of service along with insightful local knowledge that gives you an unparalleled immersion in the culture of Israel.


Gil Shemesh



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Bedouin experience in the desert