Day Tours



We will start our day at the YAD VASHEM museum. A full guided tour in the museum will take place and from there we will continue to Mt' HERTZEL.​


Mt' Of Olives
We will start our day on the Mt. of Olives at observation point to the Temple Mount from there we will go down to the Lion's Gate and on to the  Saint Anna church. According to tradition This is the place where Jesus grandparent lived



   we will start our tour at Saint Anna churchE. our next stop will be El Aumariya School. That will be the first station in the Via Dolorosa,we will then walk through the Via Dolorosa. the last path that jesus walked in 2000 years ago .

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Hiking down Masada

The Masada Snake Path is one of the most iconic hikes in Israel. Starting from the base of Masada, a famous fortress which stands beside the Dead Sea, the Snake Path winds its way up approximately 400 meters from the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea, to the peak where archaeological remains tell a story of heroism and endurance, and magnificent views across the Dead Sea and the Moab Mountains of Jordan on the other side, can be enjoyed.